On the following pages, there are reviews of some of the gigs I’ve been to. Other reviews can also be found amongst the Picture Galleries.


100 Club: A visit to this world-famous institution, with my own impromptu and painful version of ‘Eadbutts.

Minx Club: A nostalgic return to Stoke Newington.

Naughty Hemel: The Naughty Rhythms Tour reaches Hemel Hempstead, the venue for which has since been demolished.

Aylesbury: The Naughty Rhythms Tour again - this time in John Otway’s home town.

Naughty Albans: Another venue on the Naughty Rhythms Tour - St. Albans.

Riga Party: A party at Southend’s Club Riga to celebrate the end of the Naughty Rhythms Tour.

Release Day: An eventful day, when Bunsen Burner was released, and Billy and (the long-suffering) Catherine got engaged.

The Verge: A solo gig by John Otway in Kentish Town.

Acrostic 2007: Five gigs in 5 days for this unique tour of the UK.


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