My Personal Gig Lists

Latterly, having been introduced to the John Otway fan newsgroups, I have been attending more and more of his gigs: solo, with Richard Holgarth, with The Big Band (including Richard), or whatever, and various others. My time in Aylesbury in the early 70s was dominated by the almost fortnightly visits to Friars, but my interest in music goes back as far as the late 50s, as my gig lists, which exclude classical concerts and operas, show.

As the list continues to grow, I have divided it up, as shown by the buttons on the left:

Feelgoods. Doctor Feelgood is one of the bands I first saw at Friars in Aylesbury. That was when they still had Wilko Johnson in the band, and Lee Brilleaux was still alive.

Hot Rods: Eddie and The Hot Rods is another band I first saw at Friars. The original singer, Barrie Masters, still heads the line-up.

Otway. John Otway is one of Aylesbury’s own. I first saw him with Wild Willy Barrett, also at Friars. These days, he appears in many guises, including solo, as a duo with Richard Holgarth, or with his Big Band.

Sweeney. The Sweeney comprises two members of John Otway’s Big Band, plus a different bassist.

Others: A list of other bands I have seen either once, or only a few times.

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