Naughty Rhythms - St. Albans

Naughty Rhythms Tour 2001 in St. Albans

Despite my Aylesbury bias, I have to say that this show was the best of the three I've seen so far on this tour.

To start with, the Kursaal Flyers seemed to be more comfortable, and delivered a good set. I even remembered some of the words.

But as to John and Richard - what a double act! It's getting better. Richard's axe work was exceptionally sharp and together the repartee went down well with the Albanians (that doesn't sound right).

No 'Louisa' or 'Josephine', this time, but the 'surprise' in YASNY was bigger at the end. Superb entertainment, and loads of laughs. Yes, I laughed even though I'd seen and heard much of it before. They're that good!

The Feelgods opened with 'Nadine' once again, and to my mind this is the best version of the old Chuck Berry song you're ever likely to hear. Steve Walwyn was on top form for his two big solos, whilst Robert Kane matched him on the harmonica, and the whole set was as reliably solid as ever. A touching moment was 'Down By The Jetty Blues' traditionally dedicated to the memory of Lee Brilleaux, but this time to the memory of George Harrison, who had died only recently, "without the Beatles" Robert Kane said, "none of us would be here on the stage tonight"

Canned Heat must have listened to earlier criticism* and started with only the one jazz-blues song before launching into Bull Frog Blues - a catchy song that's beginning to grow on me. Also included this time was their old 'Amphetamine Annie' - one of my favourite tracks from the original 'Boogie With canned Heat' Album that I've still got on vinyl.  A vastly improved set rounded off with 'The Same All Over' complete with the Otway-Feelgood choir.

*Canned Heat later withdrew from the tour.

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