Naughty Rhythms - Aylesbury

Naughty Rhythms Tour 2001 in Aylesbury

Wow! What a difference the home crowd makes. Compared to Hemel Hempstead 4 days earlier (see separate Review) this could have been a different show.

To start with, the Kursaal Flyers got off to a rousing start, got a great reception from the crowd straight away, and didn't look back. It's difficult to believe it was the same set.

As to Otway and Holgarth, we got 3 extra numbers, Louisa, House Of The Rising Sun, and Josephine. John & Richard's repartee was slicker, especially with an 'informed' audience to feed off. The 'surprise' during You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet was still there (and I'm still not giving it away). All great stuff!

Probably because of J & R's extended set, the Feelgoods missed out Nadine at the beginning of theirs. Steve Walwyn's solo in Bad Man Blues was also a lot shorter. But to compensate for this, we were treated to Canned Heat's Dallas Hodge joining Steve Walwyn in Back In The Night. The encore this time was Route 66 with Richard joining in on guitar and John joining in on vocals. More great stuff!

Canned Heat, once again, lost the momentum for a while, and got a bit arty-farty-jazzy self-indulgent, causing a few people to leave early. But then, they picked up the pace again. For the final encore of 'Whole World Over', additional vocals were provided by Otway, Robert Kane, and Steve Walwyn.

Another great night.

P.S. Will somebody get Robert Kane a PC so he can read these reviews and see his pictures?

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