The Minx Club - Stoke Newington

As the 'usual' reviews are beginning to appear pretty much the same, here are a few lines about The gig at Stoke Newington's Minx Club, run, in person, by Jonathan Ross's producer and chat show co-presenter, Andy Davies. For me, it was also partly a trip down memory lane:

The Streets I wandered, as a kid
Don't look the same as they once did.
Where was the hairdresser I used to see?
Or the school dentist who terrified me?
It's all restaurants now, and cafés, and bars.
The side-streets full with parking cars.

Anyway, I killed some time and had a few drinks
In a pub across the road from the Minx.
I had a good view of the club and the street,
Looking out for Billy whom I'd arranged to meet.
So when he and Catherine arrived at the pub
We had one more drink, then across to the club.

The gig itself had a peculiar feel
As the evening started with a set Thai meal.
Our table was right up close to the stage
That was only just bigger than a newspaper page.
The first act confused most of the folks
As 'The Moody Birds' turned out to be two blokes.
An acoustic set came from this duo
With some pleasant songs that we didn't know.

Then it was the turn of our John
But somersaults were definitely not on.
No room for crates or ladders here.
In fact, at one point, John's foot was on my chair
But the set was delivered in the usual fashion
With pathos, and mirth, and lots of passion.
Thanks, again, John. You did all right.
For us it was another good night.

Sadly, because of our quirky licensing laws, this venue can no longer provide entertainment. Another one bites the dust!

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